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Virtual VP Services & Expertise

CEO MedTech Resources gives you immediate access to senior level marketing and product development resources best-matched to move your initiatives ahead.  Whether it’s on an interim, as needed or project basis, our Virtual VPs are some of the brightest talent in business. 

Strategic and Tactical Expertise in a Wide Range of Healthcare Markets

    Interventional cardiology   


    Interventional radiology                 Endoscopy
    Interventional neuroradiology                 Wound care
    Electrophysiology                 Radiation oncology
    Cardiac surgery                 Ophthalmology
    Orthopedics including:
        sports medicine,spine, trauma and
                And much more. Just ask

Early Stage Companies

Capital is precious, especially today.  For pre-commercial companies, our
Virtual VPs can:

  • Determine the best product positioning in the marketplace by customer and procedure, if applicable.  It sounds simple.  It often isn’t. 
  • Structure clinical trials that drive the FDA clearance process and position the product for success at launch.
  • Craft the best possible reimbursement strategy.  Often, success turns on this strategy.
  • Interact with engineering on product specifications to ensure they fit the market’s needs.
  • Create a strong, targeted distribution channel. 
  • Run project management. 
Companies with Products on the Market
For these companies, our Virtual VPs can: 
  • Take on important product development or marketing projects where specific expertise is required or personnel is otherwise engaged.
  • Perform qualitative market research.  CEO MedTech experts know how to ask the second, third and fourth in depth questions that get you the information that you really need.
  • Jump in and bridge the gap when a VP Marketing, or Product Manager or engineer leaves but business must go on. 
  • Structure post-market clinicals to enhance product credibility.   
  • Develop marketing communication programs that drive sales.
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