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CEO MedTech Resources Announces the Virtual VP

Solves the “Can’t Afford To Have Them …Can’t Afford Not to Have Them” Dilemma by Providing Interim Expertise in All Aspects of Commercialization
Brookline, MA – May 14, 2009.  CEO MedTech Resources, LLC (, a Company serving the medical device industry, today announced the launch of its pioneering Virtual VP program.  The Virtual VP is targeted at both emerging and established medical device companies which face increasing demands by their investors for efficient use of their scarce capital to accelerate time to market and maximize growth.
Our fully vetted Virtual VPs have expertise in market analysis and research, product specification, launch planning and execution, and product development.  They have operating experience in interventional cardiology, radiology and neuroradiology; orthopedics, laparoscopy, endoscopy, electrophysiology, ophthalmology and radiation oncology.
According to Alan Lucas, Founder, “Many early stage companies require high level, hands-on expertise but are being pressed by their investors to ‘go virtual’ and not incur costs related to hiring full time staff.  Further, they may not need the expertise full time; but when they need it, they need it.”  Continued Sandler, “Virtual VP expertise in analysis, planning and execution can make the difference between success and failure – and without the overhead.  Hence, the Virtual VP.”
“Established companies, even those with billions of dollars in revenue, require a dedicated team committed to the success of the enterprise,” said Alan.  “However, Marketing Managers and engineers may not have all the expertise required; or personnel may be otherwise engaged.  In either case, there can be a gap in execution.  This gap can be filled by a Virtual VP with the expertise necessary to assure that a product is specified for the market, developed expeditiously or that marketing continues as planned.  Personnel may change, but ambitious sales budgets don’t.  Our Virtual VPs can assure success.”
About CEO MedTech Resources, LLC
CEO MedTech Resources has pioneered the Virtual VP, ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to specify a medical device for the market, perform market analysis and research, plan and execute a product launch, or provide development expertise.  The founders have over 50 years of combined experience in the medical device industry.  

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