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Virtual VPs - The Medical Device CEO's strong right arm

CEO MedTech Resources has pioneered the Virtual VP,
ready at a moment’s notice to:

  • Target the best opportunity for your technology
  • Develop and execute a product launch or marketing plan
  • Create your regulatory or reimbursement strategy
  • Assemble the right distribution team
  • Jump in on product development and market specification

Best of all, our Virtual VPs only stay as long as our clients need them – no long term commitment unless needed.

Why did we pioneer the Virtual VP?  It’s because “lean and mean” is the watchword today.  Early stage companies often have two or three employees even after raising millions.  Established firms are faced with leaving a product without marketing support or a development project undone because of a lack of internal resources. 

For more information call Alan 617-566-2294

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